101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children

Posted on 28th May 2021

101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children Book Cover

This book is born out of the calls and enquiries received every day by OnlyMums & OnlyDads, a national not for profit support and signposting service for parents going through separation or divorce. It answers, in plain English, the questions they get asked most often and range from the immediate and practical, such as Can I change the locks? , through the strictly legal such as What happens to my will on divorce? , to some that are a bit of both such as I have an abusive ex. Is mediation right for me?

Each question has been answered by one of the mediators and solicitors on the OnlyMums & OnlyDads hand-picked panel of trusted advisers. This crowdsourced approach means the book is packed with relevant, trustworthy, time-saving information from some of the leading family mediators and solicitors in the country, and at a fraction of the cost of actually asking a lawyer. Alongside the legal help is an array of tips and insights on how to handle the psychological impact of separation, what it means for the children involved and where parents can turn for further help.

The book could save readers hundreds of pounds by helping them understand the issues so they can make the most of any time (and money) spent on legal advice. More importantly it will help them get quick guidance and reassurance on often difficult and urgent issues leaving them more time to concentrate on pulling through what is a stressful, bruising period in their, and their children s lives.

This 2nd edition has fully reviewed to make sure the answers are up to date with all the latest in family law and practice over the past 18 months. Who would find the book useful? Separating and divorcing parents Family and relationship counsellors Family members supporting relatives through separation, such as grandparents Family support organisations Family lawyers and mediators as a reference to help your clients.

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